Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So should I dance down streets for money, or sing?

There are two points to this post. 

Point A) Monday morning my boss called me at 8 am to see if I had any last questions before I start my internship next week. Unfortunately, I was still asleep. More unfortunately, I answered my phone anyway. 

Phone: *RING*
Sara: *clicks answer and stares at the number. A number doesn't usually appear on the screen after the alarm has been turned off. That was the alarm, right?*
S: Oh my God. My phone IS ALIVE.
Sara's Boss, Christine: Is this Sara?
S: Yes. How are you doing this?
C: Um. Sara, this is Christine. How are you?
S: Fine. How are you? What do you need? How are you DOING THIS?
C: I just called to see if you had any last questions before you started and make sure you were all set for Monday.
S: Why? What's happening on Monday?
C:...You're starting work?
S: Yes, but--oh. OH. This is not my cell phone calling me. This is my boss.
C: A little. Did I wake you?
S: No, not at all! I'm always up at whatever time this is.
C: And do you have any questions?
S: Nope.
C: Great. We're all very excited to have you at the office. Even after this.
S: Haha! Great! I'm excited, too! See you soon! *hangs up*

S: *calls Victoria*
V: Yes?
S: My boss called me just now and I discovered I am going to lose my job before I even start it.
V: That's weird. My boss called me, too. He's a general. I asked him what kinds of clothes I should wear and what other styles around the office are. I'm sure that's what his military career has prepared him for.
S: Let's be homeless and jobless together.

Point B) I'm alive. So sorry for the long delay! Posting will commence as usual now. 

Not that there was a usual.


There will be a usual from now on. 

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  1. :)

    Yay! I'll find you a nice refrigerator box and some padding to make into a blanket.