Friday, May 1, 2009

A Brief Conversation Between Victoria and an Innocent, By-Standing History Major

Unsuspecting History Major: Victoria, you're a history major, aren't you?
Victoria: Yes. Why?
UHM: I can't decide which classes to take next semester.
V: Which are you considering?
UHM: History of the Vikings, for one.
V: Oh, I took that class. We dressed up as vikings and had a feast.
UHM: Wow, really? 
V: Yes. The feast is half your grade.
UHM: Great! Definitely taking that one. How about History of Pirates?
V: Another good one. We hijacked a ship and pirated about the Atlantic.
UHM: You--wait...really?
V: ...
UHM: *suspicious*
V: Yes?
V: Yes.

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  1. I might have to rescind my comment posted about 1.5 minutes ago, that's rad.